Steel Balls, Steel Ball Bearings - Jeng Ker Industrial Corp.Steel Ball Manufacturer - Jeng Ker Industrial Corp., Cheau Chia Enterprise Co., Ltd.
1979 The company was founded and named “JENG KER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD” and main manufacture product is steel ball.
1992 Started technical quality control system upgraded and expanded overseas marketing.
1993 Introduced German grinders and quality testing equipments.
1996 Awarded the "ISO 9002 International Quality Certification" became one of the most competitive professional ball manufacturing company.
Awarded the “Gold Medal Award for the Outstanding Corporation of the Century”
1997 Awarded the “Industrial Role Model” by Taichung County Industrial Council.
Awarded the “Republic of Outstanding Business Leaders” by the Foundation Committee of the Republic of China Outstanding Enterprise Manager Selection.
2002 Awarded the "ISO 9001: 2000 International Quality Certification" and improved product quality to promote international competition and target global marketing.
Development of most influential special balls for band.
Awarded the “Outstanding SMEs” by Taichung County Industrial Council.
2007 Awarded the “Corporate Sustainability Awards” by Taichung County Industrial.
2012 Awarded the “Golden Hand Award for Outstanding SMEs” by Taichung City Government Business Development Investment Promotion Committee.