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Chrome Steel Balls

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Chrome steel balls are uniformly hardened and tempered throughout their entire diameter to achieve maximum strength and quality. Ball hardness is controlled within the 58-64 HRC range as measured on parallel flat surfaces. Custom heat treating is available for special hardness and dimensional stability requirements.
Ball Diameter range: 1.00 mm – 250 mm
Precision Grades: ISO 3290 G10 – G1000
Hardness: HRC 58 – 64


Chemical Analysis

C=0,98-1,10%, Cr=1,4-1,65%, Mn=0,25-0,45%, Si=0,15-0,35%, S=max 0,025%, P=max 0,025%


Tensile strength: 228 Kgs/mm2
Yield strength: 207 Kgs/mm2
Modulus of elasticity: 20.748 Kgs/mm2
Density: 7,833 g/cm³